Inquiry Intensive

Inquiry Intensive is designed for MBSR teachers who have completed at least 2 cycles of mentorship in teaching MBSR, to improve skill and confidence at inquiring with students. Emphasis in this 4-day intensive is on the teacher’s embodied inquiry as a vehicle for helping students safely and respectfully explore and inquire into their own experiences, beyond the story of those experiences. We will look at the impact that teacher intention can have on students during the inquiry process, and explore challenges to effective inquiry, and ways to meet those challenges. You will practice inquiry with your colleagues, engaging both with individuals and the whole group, as well as engaging in your own self-inquiry, which is the fuel for inquiring with others. You will leave the training able to meet yourself and your students inside the inquiry process with more skill and grace.

This training may also be taken by MBSR teachers not in the East Coast Mindfulness training.

During this training you will—

  • Explore methods for safe, open inquiry of present moment experience
  • Identify ways that space is opened for inquiry, and possibly closed
  • Explore ways to engage individuals in inquiry while holding integrity with the group
  • Practice inquiry in small and whole group
  • Engage in self-inquiry around present moment experience
  • Give and receive feedback on inquiry practice
Successful completion of at least 2 cycles of mentorship in teaching MBSR.
  • "Inquiry and dialogue feels like the place where 'the rubber meets the road' in teaching MBSR, if the rubber is the teacher’s ability to get out of their own way to listen and invite students into their own exploration. How our ego as teachers gets involved is brought center stage in the training, which makes it both scary and potentially liberating. The trainers very skillfully invited us into this “confrontation with ourselves,” and provided kind, direct feedback throughout. I left with a new way to think about inquiry and dialogue, as well as a framework for exploring it anew for myself in the classroom and everyday life."

  • "The ECM Inquiry Intensive was transformational for me as a teacher. Prior to participating in this training, I struggled to incorporate dialogue and inquiry into my teaching in a way that felt consistently authentic and supportive to participants. Thanks to Rebecca's and Margaret's skillful structuring of this intensive training and their expert guidance and support, I have a newfound confidence in my ability to skillfully offer dialogue and inquiry in the classroom."

  • "The material was very clear and engaging. There was substantial depth, and it was offered in an inviting, open way. The time management was superior. Feedback was to the point, offered with compassion. The pacing felt spacious, yet no time was wasted. The overall “feel” of the course was focused, light, and loving. Thank you so much!"

  • "It went fast, and I learned so much at the same time. I appreciated the balance between practice and practical. The size of the class was perfect: we each had time to practice, but it didn't feel like too much practice. I appreciated seeing the different styles of the teachers/students, and gained further appreciation for the variability in teaching styles, and further acceptance that my own style will be my own."

Required Technology and Preparation:

  • High-speed internet connection

  • Please, no phones

  • Join on a computer that has a full-sized screen on which you can see at least 25 Zoom participants, without having to scroll

  • Ensure that your computer is situated on a stable surface (instead of resting on your lap, etc.)

  • Video and microphone capability (so that you can be seen and heard)

  • A place for practice that allows for being undisturbed

  • Current version of Zoom installed

The Inquiry Intensive is limited to 10 participants

Upcoming dates to be announced, so check back!

The cost of this program is US$1200.

Applications for this program will be accepted once the program dates are announced.

If you have questions, please email

  • Program Schedule

    Upcoming dates to be announced, so check back!

  • Program Cost

    The cost of this program is US$1200.

  • Apply

    Applications for this program will be accepted once the program dates are announced.

    If you have questions, please email

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You may receive a full refund less a $75 processing fee if you notify us via email ( at least 7 days prior to the first day of the program (this will give us just enough time to notify someone on the waitlist). No refunds will be granted thereafter.

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