Offerings for Graduates

East Coast Mindfulness is happy to offer ongoing opportunities for students to connect with a community of mindfulness practitioners and teachers. Along with our free, weekly Worldwide Online Sit and our online retreats, we provide specialized programs for MBSR and MBCT graduates who wish to continue their learning and development in mindfulness.

Are you a graduate of an in-person or online live (not recorded) MBSR or MBCT 8-week program? We would love to have you join us for our ongoing offerings to graduates. If you wish to be included in our graduates email list, please let us know by completing the form below. We’d love to hear when and where you took your course, and who taught the course. When you join, you’ll hear from us about programs specifically designed for MBSR/MBCT graduates (including the days and times for the upcoming Retreat Classes we offer as part of ongoing 8-week courses) and receive our community updates as well.

Designed for graduates of the MBSR or MBCT course (or for those who have an established formal mindfulness practice), the Simplicity Retreat is for anyone who wants to release their usual busy pace, to see more clearly into the nature of being. This silent retreat is an opportunity to pause and offer yourself the gift of quietude, restoration and insight—and to support others who want to do the same.

Note: Participating in this retreat satisfies the requirement of attending a 3-day, silent, teacher-led retreat before entering the East Coast Mindfulness MBSR Teacher Training Pathway.

Each time we teach an MBSR online program, we offer the 7.5 hour Retreat Class between Week 6 and Week 7. This is an integral part of the standard MBSR curriculum. Many MBSR students find this to be a powerful day of practice, discovery and development together. Graduates of past MBSR and MBCT 8-week programs are always welcome to join the Retreat Class, to support the current students and to strengthen their own practice over time. East Coast Mindfulness offers this Retreat Class to graduates 3-4 times each year. Once you join our graduates list, you’ll hear from us about these free, ongoing days for practicing, together.

What technology you will need:

  • High-speed internet connection
  • Laptop or desktop with speaker, microphone, and video capability: no phones or tablets

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